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When considering the purchase of condos for sale in east end Toronto, it is important to consider a few things. These factors include location, convenience, and association fees. Here are some of the most important considerations. The following tips will help you in your search for a condo. Keep reading to learn more about the different components of a condo. The most important consideration is the location. Make sure that the property is within walking distance of your preferred destination.


If you live in an urban setting, you may be attracted to buying a condominium. Often, condos are located downtown and are convenient to transit, shops, and restaurants. But you have to take note of the inconveniences of such a location. If you’re sensitive to noise or light, it’s best to check out the location at various times of the day before deciding whether it’s right for you.


While a condo might be your dream home, location is important when buying one. A condo close to public transportation, schools, parks, and other amenities will be more attractive to potential buyers. This also increases the property’s value, and proximity to local amenities increases rental income. A convenient location is also desirable for those who work long hours or need to commute often. However, if you buy a condo for your personal use, you will have to decide based on your budget.


Before purchasing a condo, you’ll need to figure out what amenities you’ll need. In general, amenities are found in retirement communities or warm climates, but if you live in a cold climate, you’ll need to factor in snow removal and other winter-related activities. Most condominiums are managed by a board of directors comprised of unit owners. Since you’ll be dealing directly with your homeowner, you’ll also need to pay HOA dues, similar to condo renters’ fees.

Association fees:

As a rule, common charges in a condo are lower than those in a co-op. You also own the space within your unit, so you’ll pay property taxes separately. In addition to your monthly association fees, you may need to pay special assessments for common areas or building repairs. In addition, condos will need maintenance and repairs, but these costs are typically spread out over many months.